Historic Turkish rock carvings which have baffled scientists might be a calendar


For years the intricate carvings at an historical sanctuary in Turkey have baffled archaeologists however now some assume they might truly be depicting a calendar.

Yazılıkaya is a 3,200-year-old constructing that’s thought to have performed an vital non secular position within the capital metropolis of the traditional Hittite Empire.

Among the aid carvings on the web site within the previous metropolis of Hattusa present deities known as Mesopotamian Anunnaki, which some conspiracy theorists assume had been aliens who got here to Earth to mine gold however needed to depart when the Antarctic glaciers melted.

Nonetheless, a brand new concept means that the carvings could have functioned as a calendar that was approach forward of its time.

In keeping with the New Scientist, researcher Juan Antonio Belmonte on the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands stated: “It’s not solely a putting thought, it’s cheap and potential.”

Yazılıkaya in Turkish merely means inscribed rock and the massive Bronze Age limestone web site is simply as mysterious as its title.

Though the carvings on the web site have been studied for many years, now some specialists are arguing that key features have been neglected.

The researchers argue that some light deity carvings would make one of many depictions add as much as the variety of days in a lunar month.

The Twelve Gods, 1250-1220 ACE, relief in the sanctuary of Yazilikaya, Chamber B.
The Twelve Gods, 1250-1220 ACE, aid within the sanctuary of Yazilikaya, Chamber B.De Agostini through Getty Pictures

There are additionally marks beneath among the depictions that seem like an try and hold monitor of one thing.

Eberhard Zangger, president of Luwian Research, a global non-profit basis and his colleague Rita Gautschy from the College of Basel assume that one carving containing 12 deities depicts the months in a yr and one other containing 30 depicts the times in a month.

They assume that the traditional individuals would have marked beneath the primary of the 30 deities at the beginning of a month after which labored backward to maintain monitor of time.

The significance of the total moon can also be depicted in among the carvings.

The quantity of deity carvings doesn’t fairly correspond with the variety of days in a yr however Zangger and Gautschy assume the Hittite individuals would have accounted for this by including some further months over a 19-year cycle.

Some Hittite buildings have additionally recommended the significance of astronomical occasions, just like the Summer season Solstice, in society.

Nonetheless, critics argue that the variety of deities alone akin to a calendar shouldn’t be sufficient conclusive proof to substantiate it was on.


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