Starbucks Just Rereleased 3 Chocolate Drinks to Fuel Your Holiday Sugar Rush


As if the flurry of cookies, cakes, and pies consumed during the month of December weren’t enough, Starbucks is taking our holiday sugar rushes to the next level. On Dec. 26, the coffee chain will rerelease its Black and White Mocha Collection, a trio of drinks that feature both white and dark chocolate in every gulp. The limited-edition line includes a blended Frappuccino, rich hot chocolate, and espresso-filled mocha, all of which are topped with whipped cream and a stripe of chocolate “sequins.” Something tells me Buddy the Elf would totally down the Frappuccino — right after devouring his chocolate syrup-covered spaghetti.

The fan-favorite Black and White Mocha Collection will be available through the new year, but only while the chocolaty supplies last. Keep reading to refresh your memory on what’s inside these tasty Starbucks sips, and try not to drool all over yourself in the process.